Nike SNKRS Accounts (UK & US)

Nike SNKRS Accounts (UK & US)

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Accounts are made with a unique phone numbers that are NEVER RECYCLED! These accounts are generated to bypass nike bot protection and are thoroughly checked for verification before being sent out to customers.

DO NOT CHECK THE ACCOUNTS USING A BOT FREQUENTLY!! THIS IS HOW YOU FLAG THEM! The best way to test is to random select a few accounts and manually logging into them. Also, do not recommend checking for exclusive access using a bot. Excessive testing of accounts can cause them to be reset and we are not held responsible it that happens. We offer 30-day guarantee on accounts to stay active. If there is an issue with an account within the 30 day period we offer a 50% refund. 

After purchase you will be sent an email containing your accounts. The accounts will be formatted like so; EMAIL:PASSWORD, check your spam folder if you dont see them in your inbox. 

All orders are final, no refunds are accepted.

NOTE: You CAN use US accounts for any region, same goes for UK. You CAN use them for any region you'd like.