Base Monthly DC Proxies (Captcha/Harvest Proxies)

Base Monthly DC Proxies (Captcha/Harvest Proxies)

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Regular price $30

DC Proxies

These proxies are guaranteed to work on the following:

- Shopify sites**
- One Click Solvers/reCaptcha
*Location: ASHBURN, VA*
These proxies will be banned if:
- You run too many tasks with the same proxy
- Your delay or refresh rate is too fast

*Last for 1 month from the date that they are delivered
**Due to recent changes big shopify sites such as kith, dsm, and fear of god have bot protection that blocks dc proxies from adding to cart during major releases.**

**** No Guarantee for these on Retail Sites - Target/Walmart/Amazon/etc.

10 Gbps
User:Pass Authentication