Warmed Red Dirt 2016-2018 Gmails

Warmed Red Dirt 2016-2018 Gmails

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Regular price $5

-Phone Verified 
-Trusted accounts
-High Attainability for One Clicks
-Perfect for waiting rooms and passing splash on Yeezy Supply and ADC
- Instant delivery

Accounts will be sent in the following format: Email:::Password:::RecoveryEmail

IMPORTANT All accounts are pre-checked for V3 score and login credentials before delivery. This is a digital product, all orders are final, no refunds are accepted. By purchasing this product, the buyer knowingly agrees to these terms and acknowledges any attempt to dispute or refute these charge(s) is a deliberate act of fraud.

All Sales Final. No Returns/No Refunds

Accounts DO NOT come with .9 V3 Score, you must farm them in order to obtain that score. 

All accounts have 30 day warranty from they time you receive them, if an account becomes unverified for reasons that are not your fault you will be refunded.